Fondi in South Lazio Italy

The town of Fondi is situated approximately midway between Rome and Naples and is positioned along the ancient Appian Way or Via Appia. It is sited slightly inland from the coast of South Lazio on the wide fertile plain of Fondi, backed by the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains. It’s landscape is made up of a patchwork of fields, large greenhouses, orange groves, fruit orchards and drainage channels. Indeed the town is a huge agricultural centre and its strategic position has made it one of Italy’s most important wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, named MOF (Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Fondi).

There are several coastal lakes which are volcanic  in  origin.  The largest  is  named the  Lago di Fondi, where there is a characteristic tower named la Torre del Pesce. This area is a natural reserve rich in flora and fauna.  There are two more lakes, one is named Lago Lungo, which is situtated nearer the coast and bordered by sand dunes, and the other is Lago di San Puoto.

The Plain of Fondi in Latina South Lazio Italy

Places To Visit in Fondi

There are several interesting and historic places to visit within the town. These include the historic Medieval centre, the castle and the Caetani Palace, the cathedral of San Pietro, the churches of San Francesco, Santa Maria in Piazza and the Abbey of San Magno.

Castle of Fondi in Latina Italy
Church of San Francesco in Fondi Italy
Church of Santa Maria in Piazza in Fondi Latina Italy


The town it is just a 10 minute drive to the coastal suburbs of Lido di Fondi and Salto di Fondi, where sand dunes fringe the seashore.  Two canals, il Canale Canetto and il Canale Sant’Anastasia, connect the lake of Lago di Fondi, with the sea. There are long stretches of sandy beach, which are generally less crowded than those of Sperlonga which is just along the coast. Here there is also a popular centre for Kite Surfing.

Beach near Fondi in Latina Italy
Beach near Fondi in Latina Italy
Sant'Anastasia Beach Lido di Fondi in South Lazio Italy
Sant'Anastasia Beach near Fondi in South Lazio Italy

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